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You’re Gonna Love This!

August 21st, 2008 · No Comments

So we embark on a new endeavor! (Shameless plug to follow)

On July 30, Hubby and I set off for Orlando for a long weekend of geek-ville mania. Hubby was attending a seminar on marketing; three days and over 30 hours of sessions that he was totally psyched about while I enjoyed hanging by the pool and pretending to be a trophy wife.

On the final afternoon, we are driving from Orlando to Tampa to visit some friends before heading back to The Ham. We are to have dinner with an actual chef. Alfie and Carrie are nice people that we met a few New Year’s Eve’s ago. He cooked for us then and we haven’t stopped raving since! Hey, if an authentic chef offers to cook me dinner, I am so there!!!

As we are driving, Hubby is so geeked out about his new mega watts of marketing brilliance that he asks me, “What talent do you have that I can exploit with my new found knowledge?”

My answer is that my only talent is to be bossy and controlling and I do it very well, however, we are going to an actual chef’s home for dinner. You should exploit him! He is the talented one.

And that my friends, is how Chef Alfie came to life.

By the time we arrived at his home, Hubby and I were gabbing a mile a minute and do you know what Alfie says? He says he is uber excited about the idea and that he has wanted to do something like this for 15 years! Alfie knows how to create things, he has taught at schools, managed four-star kitchens, but does not know anyone who can do what Hubby can.  Talented and personable chef meets fearless marketing master. It’s a match made in heaven…or the kitchen as the case may be.

Please take a moment to check out the website  

The videos are shot with professional videographers in HD! You can actually see and hear every sizzle of the steak! Too bad it is not smell-o-vision too! 

Now folks, when you are truly ready to try cooking and actually enjoy the process rather than grumble through yet another chore, you will be begging for more Chef Alfie. So I must implore that you head to right now and just check out what we have in store for you!

Feed back is always welcomed and preferred. 

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