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June 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

Scooter, Sari and her Hubby moved nearly 2 hours North for work related reasons. It is hard to see them as we all have jobs and timing is never right, but we all try to make an effort especially when the occasion is important. During moving week, Scooter happened to have a Tball game on a Saturday morning (as opposed to the usual Thursday night) so Hubby and I dropped everything (literally), trailer’d up the boat and got on the road at 7a.m. to make it to that game by 9.  Officially, we were about 6 minutes late, but it was all worth it. If you have never seen 3, 4 and 5 year olds play Tball, you are missing out! Try not to be creepy, (you know the person that doesn’t have a kid on the team) but go to your local ball field and watch the hilarity! The cute factor is off the scales!


Now, from what I saw, it appeared that Moms sat in the stands attempting to prevent the rest of their children from falling through the aluminum risers, meanwhile the Dads stood on the field and “helped” their boys and girls learn to play baseball. They get to be Assistant Coaches as titles make all the difference in getting men to actually play with their children and not call it babysitting. (FYI- any man who says he is “stuck babysitting” his own children, is an idiot.)


The teams are made up of random sizes, shapes and ages. Scooter happens to be the tallest on her team and the only blue-eyed, braided-redhead with the cutest freckles, ‘natch! Other members of the team included a little blonde girl whose oversized and pink batting helmet made her look like a bobble head doll.  There was a little boy whose legs were so short, his shorts looked like full length pants! There was also the coolest kid with his dark shades and black baseball cap. Stylin’!


As a Tball viewing first-timer, I sat in the stands and cheered for all of the kids, but soon learned that one should not cheer too loud as the children will stop what they are supposed to be doing on the field and run over to you to get a hug, a drink of water or at least to wave and blow kisses. It is completely adorable, but the Coach gets a little miffed when he has to collect the child and re-draw a circle in the dirt, “Stand here”. I bet if we could view the field from above, it would look a lot like alien crop circles. (Now we know what they really are, alien children learning Tball. DUH!)


I watched as one father picked up his son like a football and they both ran after the ball as it slowly rolled towards the pitcher’s mound, “Get it!” I watched one father consistently pull his child’s finger out of his nose, while another father held his daughter’s hand and helped her run the bases. There was a bottleneck at second base, dancing in the outfield, an emergency potty break and of course, boys who enjoyed “sliding” into home plate just for dirt’s sake. Classic!


The only thing that was regrettable was being 6 minutes late, because the games are not allowed to last more than one hour. Seemed it was over way too soon, but we enjoyed every minute!


By the way, there is crying in Tball.

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