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April 21st, 2008 · No Comments

Hubby and I skipped out of town and headed for the beach on a whim. I was desperate for sun and sand; hadn’t really enjoyed any since last September. It was time! We take a walk on the beach and observe some of the folks brave enough to actually get into the Gulf this time of year. It is not warm folks! There is this group of young girls with what appears to be at least two moms chaperoning. I’d speculate there are about 6 of them and they can’t be any older than 14 or 15, tops. They are cute, wearing bikinis and taking gobs of photos of each other on the beach. As we walk by, a group of young men hoot and holler on a balcony about 10 stories above the girls. Hubby and I take note, this oughta be entertaining. So we head up to our perch where we have a balcony sitting right on the water, perfect for people watching:

Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler hunker down on the balcony overlooking the beach mating grounds of the young Spring Breakers. We see the young females in their brightly colored bikinis preening and posing in order to attract the young males of the species. It has worked! Not far from our position, we spot seven young males on a balcony. We can hear their mating calls but the female herd appears to be faining interest and does not respond automatically.

Just as we suspected, the males have left their post and are making their way nearer to the herd. They carry with them a cooler of refreshments and… what is that? Oh my! It’s a football for playing a game on the beach. This is such a notorious ploy of the males, they play a game of catch along the water’s edge, slowly and methodically “over throwing the ball” so the males must surreptitiously move closer to the female herd. It’s predictable for Spring Breakers, but it just might work. Let’s watch…

OH NO! The males have finally gotten close enough to the all female herd and after closer viewing realize the girls are just too young! It’s a ghastly blow to the mating ritual for this young male herd. The ritual is abruptly ended as the males feeling critically endangered at this point, quickly retreat to the far end of the beach.


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