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Who’s Hungry Now?

January 19th, 2010 · No Comments

Why do we insist on re-naming our children after fruits and vegetables? (Or any kind of food item, really).  Are we channeling our inner Praying Mantis? If we call the children by a favorite snack item are we really planning on churning them into meat pies?  

When my kids were small their nicknames ranged from Sweet Pea or Peaches to Cheerio or Noodle. An Uncle often called them Pumpkin. Why? Is a pumpkin cute or was the underlying meaning that my kids were actually short, fat gourds? 

Yes, I find myself calling the grandchildren goofy names too. Scooter’s full moniker is Scooter Pie and the soon to arrive grandson is currently entitled the Chocolate Bunny. Of course, I don’t have any intentions of gobbling them all up like the witch from Hansel and Gretel.  

 I will forever get a kick out of the movie, Look Who’s Talking, Too. (Remember the dogs had voices?) And a favorite line from the one dog who aptly claimed that children smelled like cookies and dirt, cookies and dirt…

The Chocolate Bunny’s baby shower is this weekend. But as we are the uncooth heathen’s of the south, we will not be having High Tea or petit fours. This party is all about pizza and beer. Bring a gift, do a keg stand. Classy! Come one, come all!

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