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May 4th, 2009 · No Comments

Have you ever set foot into a Bass Pro Shop? This place is a city unto itself! Obviously, this simple “Jewish” girl from Northwest Ohio is not wild about big game hunting or entering the Bass Masters Pro Series anytime soon, but this store is just plain fun to get lost in! (pardon my dangling participle)

Hubby and I headed up to Leeds, Alabama to look for paddle boats. Yes, we do look for the oddest things, but if we didn’t who would? Upon approach this store sits high on a hill and it has about 3 winding driveways complete with lakes, ponds, decoys, boats and hunting blinds displayed throughout the landscape. It could be declared a state park in the unlikely event the store ever goes belly up.

It just so happens a potentially scary storm is looming on the horizon on this day.

When you enter the store you are immediately taken by the sheer size of the place and all of the stuffed creatures displayed in their natural habitats. There is an aquarium, a restaurant and an arcade inside the store. Hubby and I played at a little target shooting and then came upon a game called Buck Shot! Now that was fun! A huge screen with moose, deer, and other wild creatures for you to shoot with a rifle as much as you want! I have never shot anything in my life but ended up beating Hubby by three points! Yeah me!

After two hours of screwing around and finally purchasing some boating vests, we stepped outside to be accosted by yet another “Spring in the Ham” potential tornado. We debated making a run for it, but as I said earlier, this place has three driveways and Hubby chose the wrong one. He parked our car in the RV lot which was clear on the other side of the store. I suggested we go back inside, have a sandwich at the deli counter and wait out the weather. Along with a dozen or more other customers, we watched the storm move in over the building and quickly pass on by, content to enjoy our hearty sandwiches and IBC Root Beer.

By the way, turns our Bass Pro Shops do not sell paddle boats. We had the option of a canoe or a kayak, but they are just not quite as ridiculous as a paddle boat, so the search continues…

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