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When Britt comes to town

March 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

Swan Love

Britt is 25 now and has a live in boyfriend. She works at a law firm and attends college in Ohio. Her boyfriend is a flooring guy by trade, so when I needed some expert tiling done, I called upon him. They both drove to Bama (with 2 of the dumbest dogs on earth) and are staying in my guest room for 5 days of her spring break.  Jimmy Moon (as we fondly call him) got straight to work on tiling the back deck on Saturday.  It was about a 10 x 10 area, but his perfectionism made the job last for about 7 hours. And he would not allow any of us to even help. Anyway, by dark, he had finished and it looks FABULOUS!

So on Saturday night we all went out to a new place that has a dueling piano bar. What started out as a family thing turned into an all out posse. Boy’s entourage packed the place out!

There were three or four piano players that take requests and will play/sing anything you pay them for. I paid to hear “Rock n Roll High School” by the Ramones, but I got jipped. They did however play the worst version of G N R’s “November Rain” I have ever heard and of course they did get the entire crowd to sing “Piano Man”. Ultimately it turns into a battle of college fight songs. Someone will pay $10 to hear the Bama fight song then someone will pay $20 to stop them from playing the Bama fight song, then someone will pay $30 to hear the Auburn fight song and the game goes on and on…

It was quite crowded and we had nowhere to sit, until two bar stools opened up, so Hubby and I jumped on them. It is very loud and Boy’s crewe are all around us three and four person deep. Creepy Guy snuggles up to the bar next to me and is yapping on his cell phone. He begins to scream into the cell phone and into MY ear! I lean away from him as best I can, but again it’s cozy in there. Then Creepy Guy begins to randomly touch me, I figure he just doesn’t have room, I try to move as best I can away from him several times. Finally his hand has run up my leg and onto my buttacle area and I stand up, grab the closest boy (Jimmy Moon) and tell him to please sit in my chair for a bit. I excuse myself to the back smoking area. After just a few minutes, a slew of the young ‘uns come back to the smoking area all riled up. Apparently, as I walked away from Creepy Guy, he yelled something to me and all of Boy’s friends heard him. They all swarmed the guy and gave him a what’s what for “disrespecting Mo” and he quickly left the bar. I did not see it personally, but Britt tells me that Creepy Guy was quite stunned to have been confronted by a dozen or more 20 somethings for being rude to a 40 something in a crowded bar. She was also surprised that her generally laid back Jimmy Moon was ready to kick some ass right then and there.

Now after all of the hub-bub, I go back to my chair and always clear-headed Hubby says, “I wish you just would have switched chairs with me, I know that guy would have quickly moved on if it was MY thigh he was touching”. 

I didn’t think of that.

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