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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

May 14th, 2012 · No Comments

Recently, Hubby has had major surgery and cannot do anything: no driving, no lifting, no thinking too hard either. Nothing. It’s hard to get used to, as he always does just about everything. I have become a little lazy I guess since I’ve had someone in my life who will pick up the slack or mostly take over.

I think of myself as a fairly strong-minded and strong-willed
person. I really can do anything I set my mind too, but that doesn’t mean I
actually want to. I also have my moments – glitches – if you will. Like the fact that I hate thunderstorms and some nights I sleep with a baseball bat as I am certain the house ghosts are playing freeze tag in the attic. Most days I suffer from road rage. I hate when people get in my way on my road. Pole position is my goal every day and I’m not afraid to fight for it; however, I have a glitch when it comes to reverse. In the past I have inadvertently transferred a side view mirror from its original position when exiting a garage, I have accidently scratched the wheel well when reversing too near a retaining wall and there have been miscellaneous items compacted in the driveway…

So when it came time for me to be a big girl and rent a Uhaul truck and drive it by myself, I was slightly a trembling mess. My goal was to rent the truck, drive it to a furniture store, load up my purchases, drop them off at home and return the truck all within 4 hours. I didn’t realize that when I had to pull up to the loading dock, I had to reverse the truck into position.

A burly man in (too short) shorts with a Brooklyn Mafia accent directed me to Loading Dock 6.

I wound down the window and quietly stated, “Ummm…I have
just a small issue with that.”

To which he huskily replied, “You can reverse! It’ll be fine.”  I nervously laughed.
As I am in reverse he is yelling and waving his arms,
“Look in the mirror! Just follow me! You’re doing great! A little faster!
You’ll be driving an eighteen wheeler in no time.”
As I put the truck in PARK and turn off the engine, I
lower my shoulders from my ears and breathe a sigh of relief. Just then I hear
that voice yelling, “Look in the mirror! Just follow me! You’re doing great! A
little faster!”  I open my eyes to see a single woman in a rented truck just like mine and she is reversing into Loading Dock 7 right next to me.
Burly man walks in between our trucks and I quietly say,
“You are a patient man. Thank you for that.”

To which he replies, “Lady, I’m in a twelve step program. Patience is my middle name”.

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