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What goes around, comes around

September 8th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Middle daughter, Sari has a hubby of her own and they have a daughter, Scooter.  Sari’s Hubby (SH) was recently presented by Hooter’s Nation as the youngest GM and was subsequently given the best/profitable location in this region. Ergo, they are moving to Huntsville (affectionately referred to as HuntsVegas by the rest of us).

SH is tickled orange to be moving “home” as he says. On the other hand, Sari is, shall we say a smidge less excited about the whole thing.

Currently they have a brand new home built just for them. In a brand new neighborhood, with a brand new playground and a brand new pool and soon it will have its very own brand new elementary school.  Due to the fact that the housing market is CRAP, they will not be selling their home, but instead attempting to be first-time slumlords.

Since SH was a bit perturbed at Sari’s lack of enthusiasm at finding and accepting a rental property of their own in HuntsVegas, he drove on up one day while she was at her one-day per week job, found a house and laid down the cash to expedite the inevitable move. Sari spent the first night there and called me. The only comment that was notable was “It has four bedrooms”.

She now says that SH is ruining her life. He also set her up with a job interview for a full-time job. Not only does she have to live over an hour away from her friends, (in icky rental property no less) but now she has to work at a full-time job? The humanity!

I know that as a mother I am supposed to be elated that my child is better off than I ever was and usually I am. Truly.

However, sometimes, just sometimes, Karma is good.

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  • 1 Reagan // Sep 10, 2008 at 10:07 am

    LOL. >insert head shake here<

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