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February 29th, 2008 · No Comments

Demo is the best partI thought this would be an easy job. Like, it’s not a big room, right? Yeah right. So previously we had renovated our lower bathroom slightly. Not such a big job at the time, we just wanted to remove this hideous wallpaper and paint a nice color. Well, this wallpaper was a vinyl type that was attached with super glue I do believe! As we attempted to remove the stuff, it pulled the wallboard right down with it. So we had to re-wallpaper to cover up the horrible job it did to the walls. 

Fast forward to this next bathroom reno. It also had similar vinyl type wallpaper on it, so we thought we’d be smarter this time around. Again, yeah right. I researched and spoke with paint pros and decided that we could use oil-based primer to paint over wallpaper and then you can use either oil based or latex based paint to finish the job. Sounds simple, right? NOT! I put two coats of primer on there and then my husband comes home and picks a corner of wallpaper and rips down about half of the wall! Great! Thanks, honey. So now I gotta remove a lot more wallpaper by hand, and then do another coat of primer. That took two days.


So then my husband had been away for a few days and while he was gone, I put one coat of wall color up.  He gets back and hates the color! He says it is too orange! Thanks, honey. Off to buy new wall color.

Then I decide to paint the ceiling a fresh coat of paint before I paint the walls again and as I am rolling it on, chunks of popcorn ceiling are coming off on my roller! Geez o’ Pete! I call the Hubby in a panic, he says scrape it. Thanks, honey. So now I grab a scraper and scrape the popcorn ceiling as well as I can. It’s down to the drywall in most areas, except for the corners and where the wall meets the ceiling. I now am sanding the ceiling with a palm sander to get it as smooth as possible.

I love working on my house. I’ve been working on it for nearly 7 years now. Previously I had always lived in apartments with white walls and brown carpet; therefore I have gone a little crazy with color and technique. I have an orange bedroom, an olive bedroom and a blue kitchen with a blue ceiling. I love it! My living room has suede paint on an accent wall (love the suede paint, highly recommend it) and the basement level is three different shades of caramel. Very warm and cozy.

I have tiled a backsplash in my kitchen, tiled the front steps to the house and repainted my kitchen cupboards in a white shabby chic kinda effect. Also, hubby and I have totally re-built the back deck by ourselves!

So, I have experience doing a lot of stuff around here. But this bathroom is giving me a pain in the you-know-where…my neck! You try standing on a small step stool holding a palm sander over your head! And the dust! OMG!

But I am not trying to scare anyone off of home improvement. By no means! I actually promote it as much as possible! Get out there! Get you a paintbrush and a palm sander! You can do it! It’s actually quite invigorating! (Once I get some of this ceiling dust out of my nose.)

I guess my suggestion is always prepare for contingencies, eh? Plan A will turn into Plan B will turn into Plan C… But you can get it done! Maybe I’ll even show you the finished product. Except I forgot to get a pic of the “before” only the “during”. Silly me.

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