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We are the Champions My Friends

April 18th, 2011 · No Comments

So far the Calera Eagles softball team has only lost one game.  And the controversy remains over the question that it was by 1 point or 2. (Each team score keeper had a different number) The drama!

But this weekend was a tournament. It was supposed to start on Friday night but we knew the weather was going to be tumultuous, so they cancelled all games for Friday and quickly scheduled the first game on Thursday night in place of batting practice. The drama escalated, when we were playing the team we lost to by that 1 (or potentially 2) points!

We don’t really play by innings but rather by time allotment. Each game is played for 1 hour and each tournament game gets 1 hr 15 min. By the end of the time, we were up by 2 points, but we had last at-bats. Coach informed the kids that they needed 5 more points to be top seat with home team advantage for the rest of the tourney. By golly we got our 5 points and they stopped the game there.

Saturday morning was a bit chaotic since the storms on Fri had the left the fields a mess. The first game started 2 hours late. Scooter’s team played at 11 am and won by just a few points. We were told that the next game would be around 5pm and the championship game would be played around 8pm. We went back to the house and had some lunch and the kids took naps. At 2:45 the call came that a team forfeited and another team “quit” for some reason. So our game was moved up to 3:30 and the championship would immediately follow.

It was a nail biter! We were up, we were down. There were good plays and tough calls. Scooter played left field (so close it was really 3rd base) for all the games.  On Thursday’s game she hit a homerun!  And Saturday’s games she hit a double and got 2 RBI’s. During the Championship game, she scooped up 2 grounders and ran to third to prevent the go-ahead run. (So far the girls have learned to run to the bag, but not actually tag the runner).

At about 30 min left in the game, we were down 8 – 12. Next at-bats we went up 15 – 12. The opposing team’s next at-bats we got ’em 3 up and 3 down! After that we pulled ahead 20 – 12. Their last at-bats they only pulled out 5 more points, so final score 20 -17! Champs of the world!!!  Well, at least of the Calera Softball field.

The team got a great big trophy, each girl got a medallion (like a bronze medal on a ribbon) and next time they have a scheduled practice, the girls get to shave the coaches heads.

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