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June 20th, 2008 · No Comments

I watch news. I mostly watch NBC News. I wake up to the Today Show while getting ready for work everyday. I check out MSN during the day at work, and then I come home to the local NBC affiliate and top off the evening with my beloved Brian Williams on the Nightly News.

I do mix it up now and again with CBS’s Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood and CNN for breaking news. Even Sheppard Smith on Fox News is entertaining with his Around the World in 80 Seconds segment. Still, I mostly stick to NBC.

Back when the Iraq War began and we watched it nightly on TV like some kind of drama series, I looked to one guy for reassurance; an imbedded reporter from NBC by the name of David Bloom. For some reason it was his reports that I waited for each day and as long as he came on with a daily account of his troop regiment, I felt good. If David Bloom is OK then everyone is OK. (It made sense to me at the time).

Then that horrible day came when David Bloom died in Iraq. No, he did not get blown to bits by an IAD and his troop regiment did not succumb to enemy fire, he just simply died. I was devastated. Like I had a right to be? I am not his wife or one of his young daughters. I am not a friend or even a mere acquaintance. I just watched him on TV. But I’ll tell you, I never watched the war stories the same. I lost hope in the fight and the possibilities of any positive outcomes. Did I actually cry for a complete and utter stranger or was it really for the dire sense of defeat that suddenly overwhelmed me?

I hate to watch reports on the War anymore and I think it’s time the troops come home. I think they have been there long enough. I think we have issues at home that need to be addressed first and foremost. I think our energy resources, health care, food supply and manufacturing should come first for awhile. I think we need to be a bit selfish and look out for Number 1. I think we need to get back to Buy American.

Lest our government forget: It’s the economy, stupid!

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