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January 5th, 2009 · No Comments

A few days ago, a Gal Pal calls me to vent. Which is cool, I am a better listener than I am a talker when it comes to actual telephone conversations. Funny, I never know quite what to say…

Anyway, Gal Pal tells me that her daughter (we will call her No No) has been told by the pediatrician that because Grandma and Grandpa smoke, the grandkids are unhealthy.

Now, the Grandparents do NOT smoke with the kids anywhere around! They do NOT even smoke inside their own home only outside. Apparently No No told the Grandparents that since they are smokers, they have to change their clothes and perhaps shower before the grandkids can even come over… if they come over.

I thought this was the funniest thing I had ever heard! And then I saw a segment on Third Hand Smoke on the Today Show this morning. THIRD HAND SMOKE? WTF? Some doctor on there says smokers are as dirty as a city bus! That we emanate carcinogens and toxins from our clothing. This doctor even said that she knew a smoker whose child hugged him and had an immediate asthma attack right then and there.

From a hug.

An attack.

Third Hand Smoke.

Just want you to know that I don’t usually smoke before noon (just a routine I have) but when that doctor said that, I lit one up at 8 a.m. And I smoke in my house because it is my house and I pay a helluva lot of money to live there. So I can do whatever I want in my house. And if I had a No No telling me that I could not see my grandkids because I smoke, I’d say,

 “Gee it sure isn’t an issue when you need a sitter every Thursday night for bowling night.”

Let’s get real here folks. No, I am not promoting smoking to anyone. But I am sick and tired of non-smokers forcing their ideals onto me. There is no such thing as Third Hand Smoke. And if you try to keep yourself and/or your children away from every dust mite out there you’re going to end up with children that have absolutely no tolerance to protect themselves. No immune system whatsoever! We will all end up as Bubble People. No human contact, only laptops to communicate.

Ever see the movie Wall-E?  Those Pixar people are smarter than all of us.

Lessons learned people.

Lessons learned.

Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em!

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