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March 14th, 2013 · No Comments

When the Hubby first came home from the hospital after having been gutted like a deer, the surgeon stated that he would be very uncomfortable for quite a while. He would not be able to use his arms or any upper body strength to position himself. So climbing in and out of a deep chair or bed would be painful for him. My goal was to find him the most excellent reclining chair on the market.

As luck would have it, one week after he was released from the hospital, a large discount furniture outlet went out of business and held an auction. I was able to purchase the most excellent leather recliner with an electric powered push-button element. No upper body strength needed! Just push a button! The retail value of this recliner was upwards of $1,100 and I took it home for $250. SCORE!

Fast forward to just last week, our apartment complex is undergoing some renovations and the BOZO’s cut the power one day! For almost an entire Sunday we had no power what-so-ever.  The maintenance crew got it back working but out of the blue, at about 8 p.m. on the following Tuesday, the power shut off again. I happened to be standing in the kitchen and Hubby was quietly lounging in his automatic recliner when the whole place went pitch black!  I scrambled to find a candle and a lighter when I hear this faint whimper, “Help! I’m stuck”.

Hubby was laid back, feet up, laptop on lap, stuck in the chair! He couldn’t release the foot lever or bring the back up in order to get out of the damn chair! I nearly pee’d my pants!

Of course, it has been almost one year since the surgery and he is plenty strong enough to get out of the chair on his own now, but for one minute, in the dark, we enjoyed a good laugh about the whole thing.


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