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July 11th, 2013 · No Comments

Racial slur, racial slur, racial slur…

(There, I’ve been trendy, now can we get back to the REAL issues that have YET to be addressed?)

Number one on my list:

Who’s getting tried for murder over the Benghazi debacle? State Department? CIA? By all means, let’s trust Hillary to run for President…again.

Which IRS Department Head is getting fired for “profiling” and BANNED from a government job ever again? I do not wanna find this person working as a “consultant” and paid millions of tax payer dollars. Fired means fired and not resigned. No paid administrative leave or transfer to Alaska.

And now that our government listens in on our phone conversations (and reads our Facebook and email and maybe even this blog)…I think we should all receive a kick back or refund for our cell phone billing directly from the government. Next time on your bill, right next to the whatever-excuse-this-week-surcharge will be the Big Brother Credit for listening in. Of course, the usage taxes will increase to more than double the credit, in turn allowing the IRS to hire more employees to profile your phone conversations. It’s really a vicious cycle if you think about it.

The evil genius that is a democratic government…well played.

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