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March 12th, 2013 · No Comments

This Apartment complex that I live in, has been taken over by a new management company. They have begun repainting all of the buildings and making changes to the exteriors.

We had a “Residents Renewal Meeting” last week. The dingbat office girl pronounced; “Good news! Your rent is not increasing! But we have implemented a new policy that will cost $25 per month – non-negotiable”.

Well, that is good news sweetheart. So I’m only required to pay you an additional $300 more this year than last year. Your math skills are astounding!

This new policy is called Garbage Valet. Yes, you heard me right, a garbage valet service for the residents. They gave each apartment a small black garbage can (smaller than a typical kitchen sized can) and told us to put our garbage (fully contained in a kitchen garbage bag) in the can each night and a person comes (sometime around 9 p.m., 5 nights per week) and runs through the outside halls and collects this garbage. Regardless that the garbage dumpster is approximately 20 yards from my front door, I have to pay some guy to come pick it up and carry it 20 yards for me.

I tried to explain to the dingbat office girl that this stinking little can is not a value at $300. In fact, my own garbage can cost me $7.99 last year and it still works like magic!

Her reply was that if we commit to a renewal RIGHT THIS MINUTE ONLY  she will discount June’s rent by $200. Hubby and I walked out. This is just too stupid for argument. Scary thing is, if you have kids or a hubby whose only household chore is to take out the trash…good news! They will only start charging you $300. Beware!

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