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Tis the Season for Extortion

June 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

It’s June people! Yep, that means extortion season 

(rabbit season)

Extortion Season!

This is the month when all of those good little kiddie-boos graduate from High School or College or pre-kinder-school-day-camp-recess-class and everybody wants some cold hard cashola!

Does not matter whose kid it is, if your name is associated with any possible distant relative and you have an address, you will be corralled.

Look out for the mailman folks! He brings pretty parchment paper envelopes with colorful calligraphy writing and over-priced professional photos included. Parents spend a small fortune to send you this elaborate (panhandling) package so you will turn around and reimburse the child who had to hold still long enough to attach the pre-pasted stamps.

I have a brother with six (yes, I said 6) kids and by the time they all graduate I figure I will have funded at least one college education. But I must admit those senior pictures always get to me. How in the world did little Johnny or Suzie get to be so grown?

Dutifully, I return a hand-written congratulatory note which is just another way of saying thanks for reminding me that I am old; check enclosed.  

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