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June 19th, 2013 · No Comments

I don’t have the obesity disease, but I’m a carrier.

I just read that the AMA has designated Obesity as a disease. Does that mean that anyone who is overweight now has a pre-existing condition and cannot get healthcare insurance coverage later/ever?

When this infamous Obamacare crap finally goes into effect, does that mean that those of us who may have a few extra “mid-life” pounds creeping up on our girlish figures are going to pay more or are going to be disavowed altogether? If I’m diseased do I receive medication? Liposuction? Lifestyle Lift? (Debbie Boone you do light up my life).

As obese employees, will we be sent to rehab for 30 days? Will we be given the FMLA option for absence from work? Will spouses be allowed to also take the FMLA? Someone has to stay home and over feed the children while the diseased spouse is at fat camp!

And what about the fat kids? Will the government be informed that your newborn baby has exceeded the allotment for size and weight as dictated by the IRS?  Will the parents be hauled off to jail for giving birth to a ten pound baby boy? Worse yet, audited? Or will the DHR services simply swoop in and take the baby “for national security’s sake”. Will Rod Stewart lyrics be banned and/or re-touched much like all previous pictures of the twin towers in NYC?

You may be laughing at my extreme examples, however, compare and contrast these options to those that have now been put into place ever since Alcoholism became a disease… I’m not saying, I’m just saying…

Anyone else hungry? What’s for lunch?

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