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Three Blind Mice

December 7th, 2011 · No Comments

Hubby, Boy and I all went to the Eye Doctor together. We
booked our appointments online and when we arrived in person, we introduced
ourselves as the Blind Family.

Boy hadn’t been to the eye doctor’s offices in over a
year. He has a nice pair of glasses, but hasn’t had contacts in a long time. He
came out with a slightly stronger prescription and 30 day contact lenses. Good
to go.

I had not been to the eye doctor since the first time I
was required to wear glasses over 4 years ago. I had purchased a very expensive
pair and I was determined to squeeze out every last penny of value out of those
things! The first pair were also very minimal: wire frame in a brown bronze
color, frameless lenses. I tried to make them as unnoticeable as humanly
possible. And I only wore them at work. I became very good at saying, “I don’t
have my glasses on, can you read this to me please”.  While reading “The Chart” at the eye doctor’s office, I was reprimanded for squinting.  Then after a thorough exam I was told I have a white spot on my left eye that has probably been there since birth, it will not  worsen but it will always be there. I also have astigmatism and I now wear Progressive bifocals. Who knew? No more squinting because I am required to wear my glasses all the time now. Which prompted Boy and Hubby to rally for all new, super cool, celebrate wearing glasses, bigger than life frames! No more hiding them, just show them off! I tried on a very similar pair to my old pair with a brown/gold wire frame that had cute little pearls at each hinge.


I tried on bright red Prada frames, but the lenses seemed to magnify my eyebrows. NEXT!
I tried on DKNY cat shape frames with rhinestone bling, but I swear I saw my
Mother (from 1968) in the mirror staring back me.


Then I was introduced to the Tiffany & Co. wall of glory. I heard angels singing “Moon River” as I basked in the glow of Tiffany Blue; every girl’s favorite color. Ahhhhh…They are a plastic frame, black on the outside and Tiffany Blue on the inside with the signature silver Tiffany’s hearts at each temple. They are comfortable and cute and I am accepting of the fact that I am sufficiently blind now.

Finally, Hubby emerged from his doctor’s appointment with
only a slip of paper. He did not get a new prescription or new glasses, the
poor guy got a referral and an appointment at an eye surgeon for next month. He
has cataracts and must have surgery to improve his eye sight. He didn’t tell me
until after we got home. I assume he didn’t want me to worry about the cost of
my fancy schmancy glasses as opposed to the cost of his NEEDED surgery.

Let the savings begin!

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