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They Washed the Walls

November 10th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Kimmer’s office is in the dungeon of our building. The remainder of the floor is comprised of the mailroom, the break room and several conference rooms. At least three times per week, the people upstairs use those conference rooms for lunch meetings. Good smells from delivery usually waft through my office, except for today. Today I am re-living a flashback from the Vietnam War and thinking I need to drop and hit the dirt! I am taken back to the cold marble halls of Maumee High School and its equally bland lunchroom. Armed with only a plastic comb in my back pocket and cigarette money in my front pocket (known to my parents as lunch money) and as few books as I can get away with for the day. (Back then, we did not use backpacks or even purses – how embarrassing.)

The odorous emanations from that lunchroom were a combination of bananas coated with chocolate pudding, pizza squares so greasy we had to sop up the orange oil with napkins and exactly what is that stuff they call Salisbury Steak? Mostly my gal pals and I didn’t eat lunch. Often we took a little walk to the closest IGA and bought Marlboro Lights for 95 cents a pack. And yes, we could smoke in the back lot between classes. This does become a challenge when it is 12 below and wearing anything heavier than a sweatshirt jacket is also considered highly embarrassing.

But there were times when we ordered a lot of chocolate chip cookies and peanuts from the ala carte menu however, often times they became projectiles into someone’s hair later that day in Nasty Annie’s French Class. I never learned a thing in that class, but I do remember it as the most fun hour of the day! Either trying to shove someone out of the casement windows or playing air guitar to AC/DC’s Back in Black. (No, Nasty Annie was not on board with our freshman immaturity – hence her title.)

Ahhh… the days of high school lunchrooms where sitting at the cool table was more important than actual nutrition. I think it’s time for a smoke break.

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  • 1 Reagan // Nov 10, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    Ooooh. I remember it well. I also remember the day we skipped school to walk down to Boogie records to buy Back in Black.

    Good times.

  • 2 Valerie // Nov 12, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    Since it let me post a comment today, let’s see if it lets me post what I tried to say yesterday:

    “(known to my parents as lunch money)”

    HA! Ain’t it the truth? One time, my mom was driving me to school and I had her stop at the AW Carryout so I could “run in and get a snack for breakfast.” I hid my Marlboro Light 100s in my coat pocket and she delivered me to MHS.

    Those chocolate chip cookies were the only good thing about the cafeteria.

    Do you remember Mr. Osnowitz (aka the Little Leprechaun)? I will never forget standing outside the English department wing, smoking a cigarette on one of those super foggy days that delayed every other school district in northwest Ohio and seeing this strange green glow approaching from the direction of the industrial arts wing. Who knew the Little Leprechaun could have helped Santa guide his sleigh?

    That’s my second Santa reference today (yesterday). I’m done now. :)

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