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The Worst Day

June 1st, 2009 · No Comments

Moving Day came and went without too much of a hitch or so I thought. The Moving Company that I hired sent two really hard working guys, but after nearly eight hours of loading and then unloading the truck, they were getting pretty tired. Boxes that were specifically marked as to which room they were to be placed, ended up either in the garage or the basement. I have no idea where the box of bath towels ended up and it’s really tough to dry off after a shower with a paper towel. Bounty is just not that absorbent!

I moved a lot of boxes myself and of course had to begin the tedious job of unpacking everything and finding a home for it all. Needless to say, I am exhausted and covered in bruises and could be mistaken for a junkie. And a certain ring box was missing and I was now in total panic mode.

In the midst of moving, we did take a day (our first weekend without rain) to drop the boat into the Tennessee River, but as all idiot boaters can attest, the first day of sun on the water is not the day to skip the sun block! I got baked and then some.

The previous owners had left some items behind and just showed up without notice or fair warning and brought three nasty, dirty, non-house broken dogs with them! I just spent several hundred dollars on carpet cleaning and maid services to get the dog remnants out! So we got into a bit of a tiff over that issue. Actually, I was furious and they were offended.

Then to top it all off, I broke two fingernails. I eventually found a nail file to attempt to repair them when I looked at my left ring finger and noticed a diamond had fallen out of my anniversary ring!

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I sat down and just cried. Hubby laughed at me and I cried more.

Hubby realized that this was not a laughing matter. He truly apologized and then began to “fix” everything that had overwhelmed me:

He went to the store and bought all new bath towels,

He dug through some boxes and found the missing ring box,

He sprayed me down with Solarcaine and fed me Advils,

He spoke with the previous owners and forbid dogs on the property, demanded advanced phone calls and he received an apology to forward to me for the rude behavior,

Then he promised to take my ring in and have the diamond replaced as soon as he could.

And as an extra bonus, just to make me feel better, he went to the store and bought me cheesecake.

Life is good again. (cheesecake really does cure all that ails)

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