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August 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

I for one loved High school. At least the partsĀ I can remember.

In 1981 I was a freshman and MTV was born. That’s back when the M actually stood for Music!

My group was also referred to as Mall Rats. Older brothers and those more progressive parents, would drop us off at the Southwyck Mall where we would just wonder around in circles for hours. At that time, I also probably saw Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same over 20 times at the midnight showing. I tried to mix it up once with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I didn’t come prepared with a bag of props and the soundtrack totally paled by comparison.

In Sophomore year I took driver’s education. School’s do not provide this as a class anymore. Now football coaches are either history teachers or worse yet, your Phys Ed teacher. It still escapes me how a coach/gym teacher can be fat.

By Junior year I was taking Creative Writing courses and plagerizing Springsteen lyrics. Hey, nobody tells a story like Bruuuuuuuce! Read the lyrics to Jungleland, people.

Kimmer could whiz through any english, history or government class without a thought and thanks to a class called Earth Science (aka science for dummies) I never was subject to chemistry. But math was always my arch nemesis. No honor role for Kimmer thanks to those damn algebraic formulas and obtuse angles. Bastards!

I never had a class photo taken nor attended a prom. I did graduate early (in January) but missed out on all those silly senior shenangians. I was not that involved with high school events, save for Marching Band. Didn’t care for practice, but friday nights were a blast. Especially when we played Long Train Running, Free Ride or Hang on Sloopy. The purple wool uniforms I could do without.

Maumee was a great place to grow up. The folks from MHS Class of 1984 are truly good people.

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