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November 20th, 2015 · No Comments

The Boy is all grown up now. He just got engaged to his long time girlfriend, B1.

I knew she was “the one” back in 2012. We first met her when Boy brought her to celebrate Hubby’s Birthday at the dog racetrack. Lot’s of old folks jokes and cheap bathroom humor, but she didn’t flinch. Never once cringed in disgust. When Hubby was hospitalized and we had to move for his well being, she packed boxes and packed cars/trucks. Never complained once. (Did I mention she’s tiny?)  Boy even brought her to Auntie Ria’s wedding and she kept right up with the fast paced, closer than family gathering of drinking and dancing and staying up way too late! Never missed a beat!

Then a holiday gathering came along wherein her name is already in use by several relatives all occupying the same space! (It’s a very popular name in our family) Sari and I started calling her B3 to delineate her from the others. B1 is a very soft spoken gal. Did I mention she’s tiny? She’s not intimidating or bossy or loud, but apparently when she feels strongly about something, she has no fear speaking up and standing her ground (to the Boy or anyone else).  She insisted that she did not want to be 3rd in line. She did not want to be B3, she wanted to be B1.

Indeed, she’s the one!

However, it almost didn’t happen the way Boy had planned. Boy was back home in Nashville planning the timing of the big event and decided that a November vacation in Costa Rica was going to be perfect!  Except that, getting a passport turned out to be the most harrowing experience of the poor Boy’s life!  I can’t even begin to explain the issues, suffice it to say, Boy had to prove who he was! Apparently, our Federal Government did not believe him.

Everything was planned by August!

Passports ordered!

The ring was purchased!

The plane tickets paid!

5 days before the plane was to depart, his passport finally arrived! He is a real Boy now! (Personally, as his Mother, I always thought so, but who am I to question the Federal Government?)

On Friday, November 13, 2015, (while down on bended knee in Costa Rica) my Boy asked B1 to become a permanent member of our family!







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