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The Lone Dingbat Rides Again

December 5th, 2010 · No Comments

So we are driving home from a quick trip to Nashville. It’s my turn to drive for awhile so I pop on the 70’s station on my XM and Hubby takes a power nap. In my own world, I am flying down the Interstate jamming out to Gladys Knight and the Pips. Oh come on, you know the one, “Midnighte Train to Georgia”. No one can help but sing along to that one! I am even pretending to be all three Pips with my hand movements and back up singing! I know the other drivers are jealous of my mad skills. I should be a Karaoke Queen! (except I only sing in the car and the world thanks me for that).

Hubby obviously was not totally asleep anymore because he suddenly and quietly mentions that I have just blown by a State Trooper doing just shy of 90mph. “OOPS! Seriously? Boy, I would really deserve that one, wouldn’t I?”

I throw on the right blinker and move on over to the right lane, essentially plodding along at a dreadful 60mph right in front of him for the next few miles. I am quite certain he is now taunting me. Finally, he pulls over to the fast lane and slowly pulls up next to me. I can’t see beyond the dark tinted windows, but I know he is mocking me! Either I’m getting a hearty laugh or the finger, I’m not sure. Then he pulls on by.

Merry Christmas Mr. Trooper! No more Pips on the Interstate, maybe I will just stick to Gladys for awhile.

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