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The Lesser Evil

April 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

A little friendly competition is a good thing. I tease my friends all through college football season (Roll Tide)! I harass my children about their cars and driving skills. We often place bets on who gets a ticket next. Recently Hubby and I started an animated battle over will power. Last night I did NOT purchase a package of Oreos at the grocery store. However, he did purchase Twizzlers at the movie theatre…Winning!

Unfortunately, there happens to be two people currently within my sphere that take competition to whole new level. Just shy of obsessive compulsive, I would frankly just call it a lack of self esteem. In fact, when the “other competitor” is completely unaware of the competition…it’s more than a little sad.

How do you tell someone that their competition is imaginary and to let it go? Seems like an awful lot of wasted energy that could be channeled for good…not evil.

Is it that some of us just naturally feel the need to strive to be better than everyone else every single day?

Or is it really that some of us just plain don’t give a shit?


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