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Payday loans

The High Price of Oil

September 10th, 2008 · No Comments

Let me put this into a personal perspective. If Joe Sixpack, the small business owner, can’t afford the extra mas dolares to visit a legal office for legal advice and attorneys’ fees, then the Secretary gets cut back to part-time status wherein her paycheck is drastically affected. Said paycheck then does not get spent that weekend at the local Hooter’s and cute Waitress does not receive her 20% tip. Said Waitress then does not make enough that week to hit the Mall in search of the perfect slut dress to wear to Hot Night Club wear Senior Frog would have been waiting to plop down mucho bucks at the bar in order to pick up said Waitress. Now with no one showing up to party down Bartender does not make his rent payment on time and gets kicked out on his ass in the streets and has to Boomerang home to live in Mommy’s basement.  

 (feel free to insert familiar names into fictitious ones)

Get the picture?

This one is for those engaging Presidential Candidates! Pay attention!

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