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The Great Woobie Tragedy of 2008

February 29th, 2008 · No Comments

I have a three year old granddaughter. No, she does NOT call me that horrible G word. I am just plain G. G. (it stands for Grand Goddess, duh).

This kid is Linus. She has her blanket attached to her hip 24/7. We actually call it Woobie (the W, for short) which comes from the movie, Mr. Mom. (rent it if you have not seen it). The W goes everywhere and cannot be left behind. Her Mom and Dad went on a trip and the baby stayed partly with her Grandma and partly with me. While she was with Grandma, apparently she fell asleep with play doh or clay of some kind and by morning it had hardened onto The W. Grandma said she tried everything to get it out, but finally had to use scissors and just cut it out. There is now a huge hole in The W. So next day I am to pick up Scooter from day care and she tells me a little story:

“Grandma forgot my Show N Tell for today, so I showed my Woobie with the big hole in it!” And proceeds to show it to me to! Puts her head right through and laughs hysterically! I nearly pee’d my pants. That’s f*ing clever for a 3 year old!

 Thank goodness she was not upset about Woobie hitting the garbage can. I bought her a new purple one with butterflies all over it. All is right with the world again. Phew!

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