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The Great Divide

July 22nd, 2009 · No Comments

Kimmer is really beginning to feel the ever-widening generational gap these days. I have no idea what “The Hills” is, I do not know what T-Pain is saying and I will never eat sushi. (This is raw fish people! Hello? Mercury!)

Recently Boy posted a comment on FaceBook that he was currently into some old school pop punk music. Silly me ticked off some Adam Ant lyrics and he gave me a blank stare. His version of old school pop punk? New Found Glory. Ugh. (That’s at least 20 years difference in the musical time frame.)

I also must be quite out-of-the-loop because I have absolutely no interest in Disney-fied “artists” that cannot carry a tune to save their lives. The saddest thing I have seen lately was one of my Hair Nation heros teaming up with Taylor Swift. I completely lost all respect for Def Leppard, which is truly sad because when my oldest was a baby, I taught her to say, “Joe Elliot is my daddy”.

Ozzy Osborne used to bite the heads off bats! Can you hear me now Ozzy?

My last saving grace is Alan Hunter. Yes, Alan Hunter was my first. My first MTV VJ, my first XM 80’s on 8 DJ and he owns the most excellent venue right here in the Ham called Workplay. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Train, Maroon 5 and Marc Broussard at Workplay, to name a few. And now, my musical guru has a talk show, on the local station 100.5, called the B Side. But that is not all folks! The Boy is the newest intern at 100.5 and on his very first day, he was on air with none other than the great, Alan Hunter.

Maybe this generational gap isn’t quite as vacuous as I thought. Hey, Boy! Can you get your old Momma an 8 x 10 glossy? Can I request some Ant Music?

Check it out: Wednesday Nights 6 – 8 pm CST at:

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