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The Good, the Bad and the CGI

April 1st, 2014 · No Comments

I’ve seen two completely different movies in the past month. I thought I’d share my critique in case you were interested in either:

The Wolf of Wall Street: I didn’t have any intention of seeing this movie at all. I am not a big Leonardo DiCaprio fan. I find that he only has one expression. In every movie. As any character. He ever played. Yawn.

Also, the commercials didn’t do it any justice. I know they don’t want to give away the storyline. They want you to buy a ticket, go to the movie theatre and sit your butt in the seats while spending an additional $50 on popcorn and other wildly over-priced concessions.

They marketed to men. Probably the holy grail of demographics …18 – 35 age range. Problem is the movie was set in the 80’s. So those of us (male and female) who understand the excess that was the 80’s are the ones that appreciate the movie! Over 40!! And, you have to have a sense of humor, because the whole damn movie is a fantastical re-telling of a drug-fooled adventure in one man’s small (albeit filthy rich) world. It is practically a cartoon without the CGI.

All I can say is I am glad Hubby insisted this was the movie he wanted to see. Ok, Ok, give the aging Minnesotan his large breasted women and glamorized salesmen who think they really are King-of-the-universe. I’ll sip on my Frozen Coke, enjoy my Sno-Caps and simply keep him company. The movie was 3 hours long and I didn’t even notice. I have not laughed that hard in ages! Especially at a Martin Scorsese movie! Frozen Coke spewed from my nostrils! I cried off all my make-up! For the rest of the weekend, I could not stop laughing!  The true sign of a good movie – 2 weeks later you and your Hubby are still recalling a few scenes and one-liners and randomly laughing out loud some more. This movie is not for everyone, but I know a few GalPals who would appreciate the hilarity of it all. J

180 degrees later there is Noah. I actually requested to see this movie. My choice. I was expecting to see a grand epic story like Gone with the Wind or The Ten Commandments. Something that can really be appreciated on a giant IMAX screen with full surround sound. With all of the cinematography and special effects…unfortunately I was a little disappointed when it felt more like a cross between Braveheart and Donkey Kong.

Braveheart for the gloom, blood, guts and gore of battle. And Donkey Kong for the ridiculous CGI animals and sci-fi creatures. Yes, mythical rock creatures are the ones that actually built the Ark, don’t ya know.

Yes, it speaks about “the creator” but it never says Jesus or God or religion in any specifics. So whoever those middle eastern countries are that banned the movie for “religious” reasons…had never seen the movie to begin with.

You know how they turn video games into movies, that’s what this movie felt like. Not epic. Not cheering for the underdog. At least in Titanic the whole iceberg and sinking of the ship was big and loud and suspenseful. 40 days and 40 nights of rain wasn’t even interesting. Blah.

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