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The Girl Who Cried Wolf

May 6th, 2011 · No Comments

Kimmer’s favorite spot to sit in the evenings is on the back deck overlooking the waterfall in the side yard. The waterfall was designed by the previous owner and scales the hill that separates our yard from the neighbors. At the top of the waterfall is a sort of plateau where several pine trees reside and are lit up with up-lights at night. It’s very pretty, but those lights also tease me in the dark. Many times I have seen  simple moths fly in front of those lights and their shadows cast a giant image on the pine trees. Is that a pterodactyl? (Hint: foreshadowing my over reactions here, try and keep up).

Currently, there is a black cat with white paws that has made the pine straw beneath those same pine trees his favorite napping spot every day. When he walks in front of the lights…he’s a ferocious black panther! (See? I can poke fun at myself).

But then there’s those other times, later at night, when I sit outside and Hubby remains in front of his laptop just inside those French doors…I know he can hear me when I call, but he tends to “take his time” when I expect him to come running! (Yes, I may tend to have a cocktail or two by this time of night…don’t judge me, I’m telling a story here).

A month or so ago, I saw a reddish-furry creature run through the lights, “Hubby! It’s a fox! It’s a fox!” By the time he came outside, obviously the creature was long gone, but I made him patrol the perimeter with a flashlight anyway.

A few nights ago, I saw another animal in the lights. At first, I thought it could have been a small deer, but then I decided it was something else…”Hubby! It’s a wolf! It’s a wolf!” By the time he came outside, obviously the creature was long gone, but I made him patrol the perimeter with a flashlight anyway…again.

Finally, Hubby has had enough of my “crying wolf” (literally) and begins to mercilessly tease me. Now every few minutes or so, he comes running outside while screaming, “It’s a bear! It’s a polar bear!”, or some such nonsense.

Until yesterday… I was home early from work and out meandering in my yard on a beautiful spring afternoon. Earlier this week we had thrown a birthday party and a lot of junk ended up floating around in the yard, (I was down off the deck) and picking up candy wrappers, pieces of balloon and a rubber ball, when all of a sudden I turn around and BAM! right there in front of me is a giant reddish-furry BEAR!!!! (Ok, it was really a Chow Chow dog). 

He had gotten away from his owner, so I gave him the ball and he happily jaunted down the flagstone path and off onto the golf course.

Kimmer is NOT crazy! But I’m trying to convince Hubby to install a gate on the deck stairs so polar bears won’t be coming up to visit me anytime soon.

Shut up! I’m getting another tasty drink…

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