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The Edge of Darkness

March 1st, 2010 · No Comments

I have a friend who is about to become a first-time grandmother. The pregnancy was not a planned occurrence and the child will be of mixed race in a home that is…shall we say…very conservative.  But I know he will be truly loved and cherished by everyone. He is already going to have a hard start in the deep south to a single, young mother and a father that turned out to be not such a great guy. That’s not even the biggest problem. The problem is the daughter wants to name this child something just so wrong, I cannot even imagine.  

Normally, I do not use real and/or complete names on this Blog because slander and liable is always an option in the world of lawyers…however, in order for you to understand my misgivings about this name, I have to tell it to you: 

 Damien Black.  

Yes, this child is to be ordained The Crown Prince of Darkness. I shiver every time I think of it! 

I suggested perhaps renting The Omen and having the daughter watch for the full effect, but I was told, “she would probably think that was really cool”.  

I am not a religious person, but bad vibes are just plain bad vibes. His baby shower gift will have to be a cross and a bottle of holy water!

 And my friend, the soon-to-be-grandmother, she requested valium and duct tape in her care package. I nearly fell on the floor laughing so hard!

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