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The Christmas Folder

December 15th, 2011 · No Comments

After reading this post, you might be tempted to refer to me as OCD. I don’t think I have any obsessive tendencies, I simply enjoy organization. Chaos is stressful people. (it’s really a heart-warming holiday tale of over-coming adversity and still having the Christmas Spirit)

I made myself a Christmas Folder. I keep this folder in my presence at all times. It goes with me to work, home and everywhere I go in the car. It contains all of the important items one needs when Christmas Shopping. I have everyone’s wish list, several catalogues; I have order receipts, dates for delivery, discount membership cards and frequent shopper discount cards. I have my receipts for purchase and gift receipts and coupons. I also keep a running list of the Have’s and the Have Nots. Santa’s list is long and organized.

This past weekend, Hubby stated that he was handling his
major shopping expedition and I needed to give him a list of his responsibilities
and a list of gifts I may want from Santa. So…yes…I made him his very own
Christmas Folder. Hubby is most knowledgeable with any electronics or
car-related purchases. I trust that he will make the best decisions. I provided
the lists he needed, the items he was responsible to cover and coupons and
discount cards for the stores that he would probably be shopping from. All
organized and ready to go for his excursion! There isn’t any way he can mess
this up! And then he did.

Hubby left by 7 a.m. for an auction that he was attending
across town and I got up around 9 a.m. At 9:15 I realized my Christmas Folder
was not within my eyesight. I searched every room in the house. I searched the
car. I retraced my steps from the night before. I began to panic. I texted
Hubby once, twice, three times…and yes, he finally called and told me he
accidently took my Christmas Folder and not his. Son-of-a-Biscuit! Both of our
well-planned and potentially chaos free shopping days utterly ruined. Oh well,
Sunday is another day! Did someone say Shopping? Yes, please!


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