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The Chicken Dance

June 15th, 2012 · No Comments

Hubby has been improving so well after his mega surgery.
I have to remind him to take it easy still because he has good days and bad
days. Usually the bad days come after he has had too good of a good day and
tries to do way too much. Men!

Anyway, he felt good enough recently to once again make his famous Little Dead Chickens for dinner. I love when he makes this meal. Makes me smile every time! Normal people call them Cornish Game Hens, but we renamed them years ago:

{{{{{{{{{imagine the waves on the TV screen, going back in time}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Christmas Time 1996, Hubby (then pre-hubby) came to visit the children and I for two weeks. He insisted he wanted to make us dinner one night. He kept most of it a secret and did all the shopping and preparing, etc… The four of us were called to the table upon completion. He was so proud of all he had done. The table was set and there sitting on each and every plate was a whole little dead chicken…

I don’t want anyone to presume that the children and I are terribly uncouth and uncivilized, but it is what it is…we had never seen Cornish Game Hens before, let alone have them served at our dinner table. A bucket of KFC is one thing, but an entire whole, complete chicken sitting on your dinner plate is a whole different story. Reluctantly, we sat down and poked at the food. I am certain Hubby was offended and a little hurt when we didn’t dig right in and enjoy all of his hard work and effort.

Then the giggles started…and in unison, the children all picked up their little dead chickens by the wings and proceeded to make them dance across the table complete with cabaret music. A little Can-Can Chicken one might say…

Hubby was probably even more offended when I didn’t correct the children and make them behave at the dinner table. I couldn’t. I was laughing too hard. Eventually, Hubby laughed as well and even danced his own chicken until the legs fell off. I don’t think any of us actually ate any of the food itself. But he taught us how to dig out the wishbone intact and make wishes on behalf of the poor little dead chickens.

That is why Hubby, once again well enough to make Little Dead Chickens, makes me smile.

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