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The Cable Guy

September 15th, 2009 · No Comments

In June we moved into our new home. The new home came with Direct TV. We had basic cable installed for secondary TV’s and we had to have the cable for internet usage (no dial up in this house, yo!)

After a few months of Direct TV, we have decided it is not the choice for us. I kid you not, BEFORE the weather gets bad, the signal is lost. It’s as if the TV has arthritis or sinuses because it knows when the weather changes and just goes ahead and shuts down for the evening. A pre-emptive strike, you might say.

Today I called the cable guys and spoke with Jason, my personal representative. I must have DVR (Tivo) for the new Fall Season of TV.

Hi, I’m Kim and I AM A TV-AHOLIC! (Hi Kimmmmmm)

Jason asks me what channels would I like to have added onto my selection. He proceeds to run through many lists, one of which included the Pro Fishing Channel. I squealed with delight! Another list gave me Sci-Fi in HD! How could I possibly survive without Sci-Fi in HD? The Speed Channel? Sign me up! (Jason asks if I am being serious.)

Then Jason tells me about the movie channel selections. HBO, TMC, Showtime, Cinemax… the list goes on…

“Isn’t Californication on Showtime”, I ask.

“Why yes”, Jason replies, “do you like that show? I prefer Dexter, have you seen it?”  

“No Jason, I have not seen Dexter”.

“Do you know the premise”, he asks.

“No Jason, but currently I am at work and frankly the employers are giving me funny looks now”.

Moving on…

Jason informs me that he can have a technician out to my home tomorrow. He must run through the rules with me as our conversation may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.  I must have someone at the home over the age of 18 who can sign for the technician’s invoice. I will be charged $29.00 for the technician’s installation. I must have all pets secured, including lions, tigers and bears, before the technician’s visit (yes, he really did say that).  

“Damnit! What am I supposed to do now, Jason?” I ask. 

No, he didn’t get it.  

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