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The Bitch Face

July 1st, 2013 · No Comments

Recently, on the Today Show I saw a segment, hosted by Carson Daly, entitled “The Bitch Face”. Apparently some guy made a Youtube video about people who just have a naturally solemn facial expression at all times. Even when they are happy, they seem angry about it.

Not too long ago, my sister and brother-in law came to visit and we spent a few hours out at the pool. I noticed that every time I go to the pool, no one randomly starts up a conversation with me, however, Sister-in-law was like a magnet for idle conversation among total strangers. Eerily, they scooted closer and closer and asked more and more personal questions. I felt stressed for her because she looked like chum being encircled by a school of sharks! And therein, lays the problem…ya think?

Yes, I too have a Bitch Face. I’ve been told that when a stranger approaches me, my face says, “What the f*#@ do you want?” Actually, that kinda makes sense as that IS usually what I am thinking. So I attempted to try a new approach. A kinder, gentler Kimmer…

Yesterday Hubby and I went down to the pool. There were two older ladies (a little leathery and heavy set – NOT hot twenty-somethings – mind you) sun bathing next to two empty lounge chairs. I walked up first, smiling, and began to set down my towel and bag. The ladies looked right at me. I nodded my head in a friendly gesture. They continued to stare, un-phased, (I think they may have even growled a little bit). Then Hubby strolls up from behind and did not specifically acknowledge the two ladies in any way, shape or form, yet they immediately said hello and good morning directly to him! Humpf.

Later, while floating around in the pool, the two ladies edged right up to him and began making that annoying superficial chit chat crap…(yes, my bitch face is back on)…Seriously, they pretended I was not anywhere in sight. They focused completely on Hubby asking him where he is from, making comments about his Minnesotan accent and then proceeding to elaborate on their personal knowledge of “the north” (after all, they each had spent a long weekend in Chicago once).

Then it dawned on me…this event had nothing to do with me, these women have absolutely no interest in me… as a person… that exists… on this planet…they were trolling for a dude!

No longer did I feel stress or concern…I quietly slipped away, leaving Charming Charlie to field personal questions on his own while I smiled from ear to ear -laughing at his lucky day.

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