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June 14th, 2013 · No Comments

I have a big bed. I call it The Big Bed. It is king sized with a very ornate French Country Style burled wood Sleigh Bed frame. You know, it has a 6 foot tall headboard and a 4 foot tall footboard and big chunky rails on each side. It takes up the entire bedroom. I love it. Of course, to the dismay of the Hubby, I have to cover it in big, thick, ornate bedding and tons of pillows to overstate the obvious…that it’s a Big Bed.

I often pick up seasonal items and change out the bedding and style several times per year. (My linen closet needs thinning). For Spring I found an adorable yellow-print duvet cover with matching shams. And if you also have a king sized bed, you know how expensive each piece can be, so I was thrilled to scoop it up for less than $25.00. SCORE! (I also added some coordinating throw pillows and a quilt to set across the end of the bed too.) I was quite happy with the display.

Did I mention that I am quite anal retentive about making the bed every morning before I leave for work? Some internal dork philosophy doesn’t want a home invasion to occur and pictures of my unmade bed posted on the nightly news for all to see…we should discuss my mental issues at a later date…moving on with the story…

So one weekend afternoon recently, I strip the bed and wash all the sheets and pillow cases, etc… I decide that it’s Hubby’s turn to make the bed since I do it every day otherwise.  He’s a little cranky about it, but he tromps on back to the bedroom and I hear a lot of grunting and heavy sighs. I ignore him and continue doing laundry. He’s a big boy, he can make a bed. In fact, he was in the service, so I know he can make a bed better than I ever could, if he just gave it a little effort.

I finally emerge from the laundry room just as he has emerged from the bedroom and there… laying on the middle of the living room floor… is the yellow-print duvet cover…practically tied in a big nasty knot.

I stand all bossy-pants in front of him, arms crossed, foot tapping… Meanwhile, on the inside, I am laughing so hard my eyes are watering. I cannot wait to hear this excuse:

Stern Me: Why is the duvet on the floor?

Sheepish Hubby: It wouldn’t work.

Tougher Me: Why is the duvet on the floor?

Braver Hubby: I couldn’t figure it out.

Irritated Me: Why is the duvet on the floor?

Fearless Hubby: I hate that thing!

Actually, I was rather surprised that at least half of the occasional pillows weren’t on the floor as well. Another item for the linen closet.


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