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November 4th, 2008 · No Comments

Saturday morning Hubby got up to do his usual morning-work ritual stating he’d be home in few hours. I took the morning to sip hot tea with honey and catch up on morning news bulletins. It was going to be a beautiful sunny 75-degree day. Not a cloud in the sky and not a speck of humidity to speak of. Niiiiice.

Hubby returns and states that there is an entire world out there that I am missing today! There are estate sales, flea markets and festivals to attend! Get ready woman we are jam packed today! This kind of astonishes me as I LOVE fleas and other people’s junk, but Hubby usually grimaces at the mere thought. But who am I to question? And off we went!

As we are poking around at a sweet little garden home filled with antique furniture and costume jewelry, Hubby makes an observation. He says that he is glad that the older couple that once lived here had a nice life. I asked, “How would you know that?”   He says he has noticed various cruise liner paraphernalia and Brooks Brothers straw hats. There is a Robert Wagner Collection Tuxedo and a closet full of Dancing-with-the-Stars type dresses bedazzled in sequins and feathers. There is a Shriner’s Fez and college pins from Mississippi State.

Very niiiice. This is more than other people’s junk. This is a home filled with happy memories and life well lived. I am glad that Hubby took the time to see these former residents and share them with me. I hope someday someone will wonder the same about us, but they will no doubt be more confused than anything. I am suddenly reminded of Disorderly Conduct’s recent visit wherein she referred to my home as Goofy, Twisted and Psychotic.

I can feel the warm fuzzies now.

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