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December 8th, 2010 · No Comments

Each year, my Gal Pal Val throws a Toys For Tots party at her home. I personally have never been to one, mostly because I live far away, but I always wish her a good turnout and donate locally with her in mind.

Earlier this year (February-ish), I was searching through my offices and came across a Toys For Tots bumper sticker (you know the kind that are all green with the red choo choo train). I pulled it from its dusty cell in the darkest depths of the very back office that no one has used in at least the amount of time I have been employed here…5 years now…

I saved the sticker in my desk drawer thinking I would pull it out nearer to Val’s annual party and perhaps be creative with it. I could find a little wooden choo choo train and put the sticker on it. I could ship it to her and it would make a perfect centerpiece for her buffet table or even a nice item for the mantel! I saved that damn sticker for nearly an entire year and come November, I put it in my car so I would remember to stop and find a train to put it on.

November became a little busier than I expected, we all travelled to Ohio for my eldest daughter’s wedding. Travel coordination, hotels, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue became much more important, so the sticker and the choo choo got shoved to the back of the priority line.

Upon return from out of town, the brake pads on my car needed changing, so Hubby dropped me off at work one day and kept my car for repairs. When he picked me up later that day, the car was sparkling clean inside and out and the brakes were good as new. Very nice…however, everything that had been in the console was now missing…including the sticker.

Hubby, where is my sticker? I have been saving that damn sticker for nearly a year just for this special time of year! I had big plans for that sticker! Where’s my sticker?

Hubby could not account for the sticker and presumed he had thrown it in the trash when he had the car cleaned. Hanging my head in disappointment, that was nearly an entire year of my life you just threw in the trash…lost…gone for good. I’ll never get that year back!

Thanksgiving holidays come and go…Embarrassing Iron Bowl losses by Alabama…Triumphant wins by Ohio State over Michigan…and back to work Mondays. I return home and there is that damn sticker centered on the kitchen countertop for all to see. Hubby found it in his office (which is scary to say the least) and returned the sticker to me. The year that was…now is again… Hubby is so proud of himself!

Well Val, at least you realize I have had you on my mind for the entire year! And now it is apparent that Hubby has made you number one priority too! Don’t you feel the love?


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