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June 21st, 2010 · No Comments

Hubby and I rarely find commonalities between us. There is that one thing…but we forgot what it was… This weekend was no different. I had the luxury of getting home from work early on Friday, so Hubby suggested we “go somewhere” for the weekend. My first idea is of course, the beach. I love the beach! I can sit in the sun, soak up rays, smell the fresh air and salt water while enjoying mindless people watching. Heaven! Hubby hates the beach. It’s hot and sweaty and boring.

Hubby prefers casinos! He can stand at a craps table or sit at a poker table for hours! It’s air conditioned and dark and he enjoys the challenge of attempting to “beat the house”. I hate the casino for all those same reasons he likes it. Not to mention, it’s costly!

After hours of contemplation, we ended up going nowhere. Humpf!

I think he felt bad about the whole thing, so on Saturday he took me junkin’ again. He is always out and about and around the city, so he finds places I’ve never heard of. He took me to this great stuff store in the middle of nowhere. Of course, I fell in love with everything in the store and wanted to take it all home with me. Wicker furniture, embroidered duvets, cast iron statues… I wanted it all and then I looked at the prices… OUCH! One king-sized duvet was $269.00. I just can’t see paying that kind of money for something that Hubby will just throw on the floor every night. There was a cute white iron bird cage with a fake plant in it. Looked good on a shelf or a book case… the price tag said $89.00 (on sale) YIKES! So although I cannot take these exact items home with me, I can store the visual away and keep it in mind when I go real junkin’. And we did…

On the way back through the city, Hubby would see a Garage Sale sign and slap on the blinker and twist the steering wheel out of the blue! I swear we almost died twice! But I did find some cheap treasures. Believe it or not, I found a white iron bird cage sans the fake plant for $2. I also found an extra tall metal candle stick that I had been looking for (it needed to be tall enough to cover a bad spot in the wallpaper) for all of 50 cents! All I have to do is spray paint it black! BONUS!

We then stopped at an Olive Garden for that fabulous salad that I am hopelessly addicted to and had a nice late lunch/early dinner (linner). That night we watched “Valentine’s Day” ON DEMAND (the one with just shy of every movie star you can think of in it). It was cute and worth the time. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on hotel rooms, gas and fast food, we enjoyed a Stay-cation and really had a nice day, just the two of us.

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