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Spring in the Ham

April 20th, 2011 · No Comments

I can handle weather issues for the most part. I understand the seasons and the wrath of Mother Nature’s power in each. Searing heat and drought affect my income, but the rains will come and level out. Snow falls. It might be heavy enough to knock out your power, but all it does is fall and pile up. Ice interferes with driving but it melts. Eventually it will melt. However, severe thunderstorms and tornado weather are completely unpredictable. No one has any control over the potential damage and the cleanup is hard work. Terms like: Mezzo Cyclone, Hook Echo, Tornadic Vortex… all give me the willies.

Thankfully, I do not reside within Tornado Alley and I am not in the valley; I live on a mountain. Still, when the wind blows so hard you can feel a solid brick house actually move…it is unnerving. Spring is not my favorite time of year.

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