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Spring Cleaning 101

June 13th, 2008 · No Comments

Boss is on a fabulous trip to Costa Rica, therefore while he drinks Mojitos and soaks up sun and fun, I am home battling with boredom. Wrong time of year for Hubby to take a vacation, so I have to keep myself occupied without spending any money. I was doing the usual house cleaning stuff like dishes and floor mopping. I actually got outside and did some weeding in the flowerbeds. Then Monday night, Hubby is upstairs in his office and I hear a loud crash and an even louder “Oh shit!” I go running up the stairs for fear the man has finally broken a leg in that pigsty he calls an office and there he is…covered in blue printer ink.

Poppa Smurf immediately runs through my mind.

After a clean up of the best we could do, after throwing away his shoes and socks and vacuuming for an hour we concede we must spend the money to get the carpet cleaners over as soon as possible. The carpet upstairs is less than two years old. I am not happy about this, but it does prompt a major spring-cleaning. A project to keep myself occupied! (Good or bad? You decide)

I had the carpet cleaners do the living room, staircase, hall and office. Surprisingly they did a fairly good job and got almost all of that ink out of the carpet! Phew! So because the furniture needed to be moved in order to let them do their work, I piled a lot of items out on the front porch and kitchen and I emptied the living room as much as possible.


Then put it all back together, this time with less clutter.


I did not get a photo of the inked room. I would not subject anyone to the sight of Hubby’s office before, after or any time in between. That is his domain and I will not go in there! Nor should anyone else. Suffice it to say, it is cleaner than it was previously.

I guess the moral of this story would be:

Don’t look a blue man in the face

Don’t cry over blue ink

Don’t let spring-cleaning make you blue…

I got a million of ‘em folks!

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