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Spiraling Out Of Control

June 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Can you believe that after I put that front porch back together and took a picture, I suddenly decided I hated the shutters?  Can you believe I took everything back off the porch and pulled down those shutters?  I proceeded to wash, sand, wash, prime, sand, wash and paint them black. Then I sanded, primed and painted the trim around the window white. Then I moved onto the front door trim, and 3 other windows. (You should have seen me hanging out of the second story with a roller on a really long handle.)


However, I pulled down another set of shutters and discovered they were so rotted they could not be saved. So what does that mean? Yep, that means that the one set of shutters I did complete was a total waste of time because now I have to just go buy a complete set of shutters to replace all of them so they all match.

I could say I am disappointed, but at least I had a constructive day. I was so inspiring in fact, that Hubby not only helped remove a set of shutters, but he also fixed the door bell, watered the lawn and put down a soil additive for the new sod. (of course the project that took the longest and produced the most sweat on this 95 degree day was the time it took him to unravel the kinked up 150 ft hose.) 

When I started to laugh at him he quickly repsonded, “I am old, I am fat and I am hot! If you really want the insurance money that bad, just tell me and I will find a quicker way to go.” 

Yes, dear.

The joke was on me anyway. I did all that work for nothing. At least he finished his project and still had time for a power nap.

Tomorrow I tackle the front door…

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