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November 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Sari has not been on her best behavior. During her last doctor’s appointment, her blood sugar levels were testing very high. Today, she had to go to a specific clinic to spend four hours having her levels tested every hour on the hour to test for gestational diabetes. Tsk, Tsk.  

The last time, Sari was a model incubator. She never drank soda pop or coffee; only water, fruit juices and milk. She ate well-rounded meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables. This time it appears she has a penchant for bowls of sugary cereal three times per day and that horrible sweet tea these southerners have concocted! (If you think a Big Mac is a heart attack on a bun, just wait until you choke down that syrupy devil juice! More addictive than crack cocaine!) 

Needless to say, any time Sari comes into the Ham, I make sure I feed her something  from the “Mom List”.  That includes items like broccoli, asparagus, orange juice and the last time, it was spinach omelets. As we all know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and the kids will come over for some beer and football. I asked Sari if there was any special requests and the following was her reply: 

Pumpkin pie

Deviled eggs

No spinach

Hot chocolate



Well, well…aren’t we the funny bunny? Two can play that game! Let’s see…we can stuff the turkey with spinach, sprinkle the deviled eggs with spinach, roll the marshmallows in spinach…let’s see if we can break her from the sugary cereal and line the bowl in spinach! This is going to be so much fun… 

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