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May 16th, 2016 · No Comments

And so it begins

And so it begins


End of day one. Half way!

Last piece of the puzzle!

Last piece of the puzzle!

End of day two!

End of day two!


Laying laminate floors is not an easy job, especially when the person doing most of the work is too old and too left handed! Lefties do everything backwards! Yes, they do. I know this because I am right handed and I do everything the right way. Duh.

However, the Southpaw Construction Company (a one man crew) did a fine job!

I gotta hand it to the Old Man though, he hung in there even when he was ready to fall over dead. I let him use me as a personal ladder every time he had to climb down to the floor and then every time he had to climb back up to his feet. Poor guy. He’s a trooper.

We were so proud of ourselves just for finishing, that every person who walked by on the dock, we grabbed and pulled onto the houseboat and screamed, “Look at those floors!” It didn’t even matter that we were so much more excited about showing off our hard work to complete strangers than they were about being personally assaulted and pulled onto a creepy houseboat, “Just look at that craftsmanship!”

Ok, so enough reveling in our major personal accomplishment. Back to the real world. Next is the addition of baseboard moldings and broken window issues…

But just look at those floors!




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