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November 24th, 2008 · 1 Comment

After clearly too much college football on TV on Saturday, Hubby and I needed a reason to get out of the house. Any reason at all, we desperately needed to just go somewhere, anywhere. Therefore, here is where we went:

The world’s leading supplier of outdoor products is much more than a hunting and fishing store.  Part museum, art gallery, education, conservation and entertainment center, the 150,000 square-foot Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Leeds will also offer equipment for hiking, backpacking, camping, outdoor cooking and more.  Shoppers will find outdoor apparel for men, women and children, along with a fine selection of outdoor, casual and athletic footwear.  A gift and nature shop serves up a wide variety of outdoor-related items from lamps and dishes to bird feeders and furniture.

Now we are probably the last people to camp, kill things or hunt animals for sport but the commercials made such a big deal about this grand opening, that we had to go see for ourselves. It really is quite a destination. There are just as many displays as there are actual retail items. There are actual NASCAR cars and a mannequin pit crew; there are taxidermy animals of every shape and size in natural settings all over the place. There is an aquarium that holds these funky fish that actually look like they are dog paddling to stay afloat. (Is there really such thing as Dog Fish?) You can actually practice bow and arrow shooting in a special glass enclosed area.  This store also has a food court and hiking trails. Hubby fell hook, line and sinker for the fake ducks in the pond out front. I had to prove to him that they were decoys actually sold inside the store. There is an arcade shooting gallery for the kids and Pictures with Santa.

I think the most interesting thing about this visit was the people that flocked in and out the entire time we were there. Men showed up in their full camping/hunting/fishing camouflage regalia as if they were just stopping in on their way to collect another deer head for the mantel.

Anyway, two hours and $20 later, we emerged with a souvenir of our day trip and a new appreciation for a store that has launched an entire subdivision, shopping center, motel and gas station at an exit on I-20 that previously held nothing more memorable than a fireworks shop.

Re-reading this post it has dawned on me that I have become quite a bit more southern in year 11 of living in The Ham. I actually watch college football when I never cared for it before (other than the Ohio State v. Michigan game once per year). I have gone to an outdoorsman’s paradise for the fun of it and I have become a major fan of Dreamland barbeque. But please, please, please, if I ever say “fixin’ to” someone go to the Bass Pro Shop, get a nice piece of weaponry from the Fine Gun Department and mount me on your wall.

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  • 1 Valerie // Nov 24, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    Duly noted. Because we actually have a Bass Pro Shop. And we had it before you did.

    But I’ve never been there.

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