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South of Eden

April 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Well, now I really can’t say my front yard is a true Garden of Eden, can I? After all, there are no apple trees or snakes. However, I do have vols. Nasty little hairless mice that dig holes and tunnels under the emerald zoysia. Bastards. The cat loves to play them though and frequently we find a dead one left as a lovely gift outside the bedroom door. Thanks Payne, you may be old but you still got it. 002.JPG   Like most husbands, Hubby does not care to do his “job” at home. So just as plumbers have leaky pipes held together with duct tape and construction guys have unfinished rooms in their homes, my Hubby does not really care to work on the lawn. After several years of paying someone else to mow the damn thing, he finally broke down and bought his own lawn mower. (I had to convince him that just a few mows would pay for the lawn mower.) flowers-004.JPG But it is me that does the pulling of the weeds and the feeding of the roses and the planting of the annuals. flowers-005.JPG I, of course, also plan the layout. And I have been known to add unique touches any chance I get. The garden gargoyle’s name is Balthazaar, by the way.  flowers-002.JPG  It has taken eight years to get this far with the landscape. As I said, I am no P. Allen Smith when it comes to green thumbs, but I’ll keep at it and enjoy the outdoors at least until July when the heat and humidity of The Ham has been known to cause spontaneous combustion. (At least I am not the one mowing the lawn).

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