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June 4th, 2012 · No Comments

Memorial Day was a spirited day at the apartment complex pool. It happened to be the birthday of one of the much-loved leasing agents, so she had free reign with lots of friends, drinking and balloons. I admit I watched the festivities for a short while, bid a fond Happy Birthday and made my exit to allow the younger ones to enjoy themselves.

The following Saturday, I am back at the pool enjoying some sun and fresh air when along comes a motley crew of older gals (late 30’s early 40’s). They bring their own vinyl lounge chairs and line them up along the pool’s edge essentially making the lounge chair deck area two-deep. They pull out a beach bag full of towels and magazines and a cooler full of drinks and snacks. One of them is “Mommy” to a 4-ish year old girl who jumps in the pool and proceeds to scream the entire time: “Mommy! Watch me! Daddy! Watch me! Auntie! Watch me!” To which each of the adults lining the edge of the pool holler back: “I see you! Good Job!” To which the child screams back: “What?” To which the adult screams: “Stop saying ‘what’” to which the child screams: “Huh?” This continues on for at least a straight hour. So enjoyable.

The Mommy figure then has total diarrhea of the mouth because
the woman cannot stop incessantly talking. Unfortunately I overheard the
following complaints: “I was here for a short time on Memorial Day, but I had
to leave. There were so many people here it was loud and dirty. People were
doing shots in the pool and eating by the pool. The garbage cans were overflowing
and loud music. It was just terrible. Somebody should have said something to

Meanwhile of course, she is busy screaming with her child, she has ordered a pizza delivery from Pappa John’s, she and her 3 girlfriends are sipping some kind of tequila – mango concoction and have pretty much taken over one entire edge of the pool, blocking out anyone else from getting to the pool from that side.  If she’d had balloons, she would have easily mimicked Memorial Day all on her own.
And I quote: “It was just terrible. Somebody should have said something to management.”

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