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Sock it to Me!

December 21st, 2011 · No Comments

I am an awful person. I know what I like and I know what
I want and I usually just go get it, whatever it is…unless I can’t find it. On
this year’s list was the perfect cable knit sweater (which I previously
discussed) and the perfect “boot” socks. Perfect boot socks must be tall enough
to pull up over my knee, thick enough to keep my toes warm, and strong enough
to stay UP inside of a pair of boots. I don’t want “trouser” socks; they are
too thin and wimpy. I do not want sport socks; they are too thick and sweaty. I
am on a mission. And since I have not been able to complete my mission thus
far, I gave the job to the Hubby.

Hubby is not good at keeping secrets and he revels in solving
problems, so instead of wrapping the socks he finds on his shopping trips, he
just gives them to me to see if they pass the test. So far he has handed me a
pair of Military socks. They are the most hideous shade of poop brown I have
ever seen! They are thick enough to walk on fire; in fact they are fire
retardant! They are just plain wrong. Then I was handed a pair of seriously
soft white socks that are meant for diabetes patients! I will NOT be wearing
those socks…ever. Hubby continues his search…

I am also still a big fan of slouch socks, utterly 80’s
in style, but they make me happy still. Hooter’s girls are required to wear
them as part of their uniform. If daughter Sari were so inclined, she would
find the supplier of these socks and make it rain up in here!

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