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February 28th, 2012 · No Comments

This past weekend was so gorgeous outside! I needed to find reasons to be outside in the sun and fresh air, so I decided to grab up the gift cards I had been hoarding since Christmas and hit the “outdoor mall”. My only real goal was to window shop while walking from store to store. I enjoy looking at the mannequins or the window dressing to see how to pull different outfits together or to envision how that staged room may look in my house. Window shopping is a source of infinite inspiration and it doesn’t cost thing. BUT since I do have these gift cards, technically, I am still “shopping for free”….right?

In May, I have a scheduled beach trip, so I might consider a new swimsuit…although it is an unseasonably warm February, it is awfully early for swimsuit shopping and I’m totally not feeling swimsuit worthy. In fact, seeing the sales people and other young girls in this store, I am definitely feeling a little depressed right about now. I move on… and lo and behold there is a store with a clearance rack of SHOES! I purchase a pair of 4 inch brown and pink floral pumps. Now how “spring-y” is that? On Monday I wear them to work with a simple brown sweater and jeans. Now mind you, in my office we never discuss appearances or hairstyles or anything remotely close to shopping sprees. I work with all men who treat me like “one of the guys”. This is good, because there are never any catty moments or emotional melodrama. But on this day, one of the attorneys told me he needed to take me to lunch because I was far too skinny.

A new swimsuit wouldn’t receive that response! It was all about the skinny shoes! Maybe now men will realize we women’s irresistible love of new shoes.

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