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Sick Day

January 17th, 2010 · No Comments

Here’s a funny one: the Boss called in sick, so I had an extra day off.  

With my unexpected day of nothing to do, I thought I would get a jumpstart on all the baby shower planning I needed to do for Scout’s impending party. I had found some slip covers for a pair of wing chairs I had found at a yard sale last summer and decided to get them on and get the living room looking good for guests. Note to self – never buy slip covers ever again. They were the most ill-fitting, ugly, sloppy and cumbersome things I have ever seen! I immediately ripped them back off and put them back in the bag for returning.  Waste of time number 1. 

Sari and her Hubby have planned a rock star theme for their little guy, so I thought I might run with that idea and use a lot of stars in my party theme. I pulled out some styrofoam “boards” that came from a shipping box and cut out star shapes. I then wrapped the shapes in blue wrapping paper with a bit of adhesive spray then trimmed the edges in chocolate brown ribbon. Look out Martha Stewart, Kimmer’s got her glue gun out! Holy crap! I made the biggest, nastiest mess all over my kitchen. Glue stuck to the table, my hands and the floor. Styrofoam crunchies everywhere! I ended up throwing everything right into the trash. Waste of time number 2.  

Sari bought a bassinette nearly six years ago for her first baby. It’s a simple white eyelet lace with a mobile and a mechanized unit that plays music and gently rocks the baby. Over the years it has been used for five separate children and it still is in excellent condition. I pulled it out and dismantled the entire thing. I washed all of the eyelet and brought it back to its original bright white. The bonnet was placed in the dishwasher on a gently wash cycle (a brilliant idea borrowed from Boy – it’s how he washes all of his baseball caps). Somehow paint was splashed on one of the legs, but with a bit of elbow grease, a scrub brush and nail polish remover, I got it all off. I replaced the sheets and mobile and then proceeded to re-assemble… 

There were three cigarette breaks, two cups of tea breaks and a jar of aspirin consumed. Soon three hours had passed me by and I was still literally beating my head against the floor. I could not get the damn thing back together! A last ditch effort before Hubby returned from work to say that I had at least accomplished ONE THING on my day off. I got it! I got it! I got the damn thing back together! And then I realized I had not replaced the batteries in the mechanized unit. I would have to remove all of the eyelet lace all over again in order to get at the unit… 

Where does my brain go? I think this was my sick day. 

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