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January 12th, 2012 · No Comments

So I’ve been planning a baby shower for about a month now. I was asked by the Mommy-to-be to host the shower at my house and to make it reminiscent of the baby shower I threw for my daughter, Sari. Mommy-to-be wanted it to be similar in that both boys and girls were invited; boys bring diapers, drink beer and play poker in the basement while the girls attend a more traditional event upstairs. It’s a very relaxed event, there is alcohol served to those who want it, there will also be a few of those ridiculous games with door prizes and cupcakes and punch. Lord knows there must be cupcakes and punch! (This is the South, ya’ll.) After the opening of the gifts, the boys come upstairs and play a silly game of Pictionary against the girls. It’s not very themed, it’s not very decorated, it’s just friends getting together and hanging out…with gifts!

The thing is I started to get a little carried away with the theme and the food and the whole event. I don’t know why I felt the need to impress, but I found myself shopping for the perfect door prizes, gifts and décor items, even making my own and suffering the permanent scars of hot glue…again. Perhaps I should step away from hot glue? I was concerned that the menu became more of a tailgating party than a baby shower. Nothing felt cohesive or coordinated. What if none of the Grandmothers-to-be were happy with this party atmosphere?

Twice Sari and Boy reminded me that this is a SECOND baby shower, meant for friends and fun. It is not the boring, family obligation that had already taken place a month ago. Mommy-to-be does not want cucumber sandwiches and cloth napkins. She doesn’t care about theme or matching décor, she just wants a little levity and friendship. Keep it simple.

Then, the eldest daughter, Brit, informed me that she too was going to host a baby shower for a friend. This Mommy-to-be also had already had the boring, family tea cakes and violin music baby shower. She too was looking for fun and friends. Brit decided to throw an elaborate baseball themed party complete with Big League Chew and Cracker Jacks. We discussed the cost of hot dog cooking machines and filled gift bags. We came up with ideas about banners, balloons and Petit Fours shaped like baseballs. Finding the mini glass Coke bottles and old fashioned paper straws…the list just kept getting bigger and more complicated!

Finally, the clouds cleared, the sun shown down and all became clear to see. Keep it simple. Both Mommies-to-be already dealt with the stressful, gotta-be-just-right, use your best manners and dress pretty affair. They were looking to us to give them what they really wanted; friends, fun, enjoyment… instead we became the evil party planners from hell!

My head is clear now. I will serve meatballs and cocktail weenies in BBQ sauce. I will provide bottles of cheap wine and light background music. My home is here for you, Mommy-to-be, to eat all of your favorite snacks, gather with all of your friends and especially to just enjoy your day with lots of laughter.

I can’t wait for the person who gets to draw Birth Canal in Pictionary!  Talk about laughter!




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